24 things not to say to a person (s) struggling with infertility!!!

If you are like me and have struggled with infertility then these words that are coming up will sounds oh so very familiar to your ears. BUT if you don’t suffer and are looking for the perfect words to say to a family member and or friend or colleague then please REMEMBER these are the words  NOT TO SAY!!!!  

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My IVF Journey in Form of a Gallary.

OMG 😲 in less than 3 hours I am going to be pregnant, pupo as we say. ( pregnant until proven otherwise). 

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What the doctors don’t tell you about IVF?!

If I don’t say it you will never know?!

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Hysterosalpingo (HSG)



What they don’t tell you about the HSG test is that it is a bloody painful process, Imagine your period pain on Que and 10 x worse!!!!

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Diagram of in-vitro fertilization

Night! Zzz

I woke a few times during the night. Hot water bottle on top~up and pain killers at the side of the bed, plenty of water and surrounded with pillows I drift back off with my man next to me.

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Time to collect them EGGIES!!

Whilst I sit in my sexy gown in a reclining chair that has seen a many a bare arse lol my arse however isn’t out and covered by the husbands amazingly soft dressing gown.

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Hours are up, on our way for EC.


Time to make a baby!!

We have to be at the clinic at 8.45 am, all scheduled in for our EC at 9 am (egg collection) its over an hour away in the car plus all the traffic at this time of the morning, We set off!

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” The day has come , from Baby dreams 2 tantrums, sweat, tears, laughter and pain.

It all comes down to this last shot!

Release the eggs!!! “

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A few weeks into IVF meds! 💉💊😳

So far I had done 2/3 weeks on the injections , getting bruises and making myself bleed, pinching my skin to stop it from happening but it happened no matter what I did!

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